Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Project on List Completed!!

This is a $3.99 laundry hamper from the thrift store. It was brown with a wonderful peach colored top.
I re-covered the top and used a little spray paint for the base. It now fits the decor in my girls bedroom. This will now be used to store my youngest daughter's doll clothes and doll accessories.
The hamper is sitting on an end table that I found out GW for $2 ( I was excited about that find-It's sturdy and solid)--a little bit of sanding and paint turned it into a beauty.

On The Move

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project list

My craft/project to do list is a mile long. I have a bad habit of purchasing the supplies/material/paint for my projects but I never start and/or finish the project. As a result, I have an over abundance of fabric, paint and items waiting to be re-purposed.

My goal is to complete the projects on the list below before garage sale season begins (end of March). That way I can purchase more furniture and items to re-purpose without feeling guilty (or have my husband think I am a hoarder).

-re-paint the chairs and bench for front porch (paint is already purchased)
-make pillows for the newly painted front porch furniture (fabric and pillow cushions already purchased)
-re-paint the yellow/white dresser in garage (last years garage sale find--paint not purchased as the color is yet to be determined)
-paint planters black ( I saw this done on another blog- Paint is purchased)
-Plant seeds/plants in newly painted planters (seeds have been purchased)
- re-stain armoire in boy's room (stain has been purchased)
-Re-stain Ethan's dresser (stain purchased.. see a trend here? I have purchased everything for these projects..I shop too much)
-sew cushion for entry way bench (fabric purchased--need to buy the padding)
-spray paint hamper and reupholster the top w/fabric (thrift store find-paint and fabric purchased)

Those are the main projects I hope to accomplish by the end of March. I will post pictures as I complete them.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

back to the drawing board

I have been stocking  reading many wonderful blogs in blogland over the past year. I have completely neglected my blog... My goal is to post at least one blog per week.