Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am as cheap thrifty as they come. My kids get annoyed that I won't buy them clothes unless they are on clearance. It's not that we can't afford to buy things at full price, I just like to spend my money practically and frugally. I have mastered grocery shopping so that we spend $100/week on food. That is $100 a week for a family of 6. This 100/week includes breakfast, lunch (we all pack a lunch from home daily), snacks, fruit and dinners.

Today, we were on the prowl for inexpensive, high quality bedding. We were due for new bedding, I have had the same comforter for over 5 years. We SCORED. Macy's had an additional 30% off all clearance bedding and the nice lady at the counter had an additional 15% off coupon. The comforter set was originally 350, we purchased it for $60. We found 750tc sheet set on sale for 60 (originally over 200). Our total bill was a little over 120 (sales tax) for merchandise that retails for over $500.


  1. Great job, Angie! I'm the same way regarding buying anything; it has to at least be on sale, although clearance is better and if I can add coupons to anything...well, that's a little victory for me. ;0)